There are several different species of cockroaches that may infest a person's home.  Many may be present in small numbers, while some can be present by the thousands.  The following describes several species that thrive in our area.

German-CockroachGerman Cockroach
Blattella germanica

  • Light brown coloration
  • Bodies are 1/2 to 5/8 inches in length
  • Two dark stripes running lengthwise on the pronotum
  • Adults are fully winged

This species of cockroach thrives in the presence of humans.  Commonly found in homes, apartments, restaurants and grocery stores.   The German roach has been known to cause asthma and allergies, and spread several different diseases.  Sanitation is a key ingredient in gaining control over this household pest.


American Cockroach
Periplaneta  americana

  • Bodies are 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length
  • Reddish-brown with a light yellow band around the edge of the pronotum
  • Adults have well developed wings, but seldom fly
  • Capable of  flights

This species is a pest that thrives in warm environments and usually enters a house for
food or moisture.  Mainly found in the kitchen or bathrooms and in a homes crawl space.

smokey-brown-cockroachSmokey Brown Cockroach
Periplaneta fuliginosa

  • Bodies slightly more than 1 inch in length
  • Very dark brown to black coloration
  • The pronotum is a solid dark color
  • Both male's and female's have wings longer than their bodies
  • Capable of flight  

Oriental-RoachOriental Cockroach
Blatta orientalis

  • Glossy dark brown to black coloration
  • Females nearly 1 1/4 inches long; Males are 1 inch long
  • Male's wings cover most of the body
  • Female's wings are reduced to mere lobes
  • Do not move very fast even when disturbed

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