Pharaoh Ants

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This ant is a very common household pest.  It will build its colonies anywhere from behind baseboards, in wall voids, attics and even outside. The colonies of the pharaoh ant may very from several thousand ants to only a few hundred ants.    

Because pharaoh ants have a high demand for water,they are very aggressive when it comes to obtaining it.  They have been known to take it from pet dishes, aquariums, and faucets to name a few.  

Primarily known as a sweet ant, the pharaoh ant will feed on other types of food.  Such as meats, syrups, sweets, crackers, dead insects and pet food.

If you are experiencing a problem with this ant species, DO NOT attempt to spray the ants with a contact insecticide.  This will only kill the workers in the population and cause the ants to pick their nest up and move to another location.  To obtain control of the population you must use baits that will be carried back to the queen.

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