The fall nemesis to turf…… Brown patch

Brown Patch and what to do.  So, you have done everything you can to help nurse your lawn through another grueling Texas summer. You have kept the St. Augustine turf thick and green through periods of drought and the spontaneous chinch bug invasion. Only to have random spots appear after recent early fall rains.

Brown patch in st augustine turf

These random spots in St. Augustine grass are caused by a soil pathogen. When conditions are favorable (cool and damp nights) the disease brown patch presents itself.

It will start as a fire orange color and then progress into the full irregular shapes pictured above.

What should I do?

Well, first thing you should do is turn off your irrigation system if you have one. Overwatering in the fall contributes to the progression of the disease.

While brown patch is unsightly, it will not kill your turf the way other pests or diseases will. If caught early enough, we can slow the progression of the disease with fungicides but most of the time the turf does not recover until the following year.

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