Are there unwanted carpenters (ants) in your home

Carpenter ants are a common pest in southeast Texas. There are two different species that we have, the solid black carpenter ant and the red and black one. Both species of ants can build nests inside your home.

In nature, carpenter ants primarily build nests inside trees. They’ll mine out the damage wood of a tree trunk or knot hole and make themselves right at home.

In your home, carpenter ants will build their nest in just about any space they feel is suitable. We have seen nests made in the foam cover of an outdoor spigot cover. Like the red and black carpenter ants did below.

In the next picture they built their home in the door jam of a relatively new storage building.

So how do you know?

There are several signs of carpenter ants. Usually the first sign is wood pieces and fras. What the ants do is mine out the wood and create galleries to build their home. They do not consume the wood, unlike termites. They’re simply mining it to make room for the colony.

Did you know?

Carpenter ants are nocturnal. If you suspect a problem, look for ants trailing at night.

These ants are also neat freaks. They’ll constantly clean their nests. They’ll remove wood pieces and dead ants to keep everything tidy.

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