Remodeling your home? Protect your investment from Termites

There are several instances when a homeowner calls about a possible termite problem. Most homes are inspected prior to purchase but after that, it may be years before homes are looked at again by a professional. The most common reason we have found is when a homeowner starts a remodeling project.

The contractor removes some sheet rock in a bathroom, it’s at that point they discover what was hidden behind the walls.

So what should you do if you discover this type of termite activity behind the sheet rock? Your contractor can tell you if the integrity of the wood is damaged enough to be cause for replacing. First, you should contact us. With our experience we can easily identify the termites entry point. Then we will develop the appropriate treatment plan, right for you.

termite entry point

The termite damage above, was caused by termites entering around the water pipes for this shower. To eliminate the termites we drilled a hole through the slab and injected Termidor SC under the slab. This will also stop the termites from returning.

Moving Plumbing

Another common remodeling project is relocating plumbing. Plumbing can be moved for any number of reasons to add or remove a toilet, shower, bathtub or a vanity. These areas if left untreated pose a serious problem as possible entry points for termites down the road.

plumbing relocation
plumbing moved

Anytime you relocate plumbing you should have those areas treated with a termiticide. This is the best time to treat these areas before they are covered with concrete. We think it is very important for everyone to know the importance of treating these areas. Contractors, you should let your customer know that you care and make sure they are aware of the risks associated with leaving these areas untreated for termites.

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