A word from Bob Klepac

Dear Current and Potential Customers,

I began working in pest control when I was 15 years old. I helped my father [who worked as an exterminator] by crawling under houses and doing the prep work for subterranean termite control. I was thin, and my father was not [as thin], which made me the perfect fit for the job. Starting back then,  I learned a great deal from my father in regards to operating a quality exterminating company. The most important lesson, was how to provide our customers a thorough, effective service in which we could pride ourselves in. The bottom line was that if our customers are not happy, then we are not happy. Whether it is fire ants in your yard or roaches in your office, your satisfaction is what matters most to us.

Through my life, I realized that experience is something that can’t be taught, and can only be mastered through time, dedication and commitment. These are my company’s core values,  furthermore; Bob Klepac Exterminating Service, continues to train ourselves to use new, innovative measures to solve your pest problems. We are now three generations of pest control professionals. It is in our blood and our passion to take care of you, and your family, to provide a safe, pest-free environment in which you  live, work, and play. Please use our contact us page to reach out with any questions.

Thank you,

Bob Klepac

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