Formosan aka “Super” Termites – What You Need to Know

First, a little history.

Originally found in Taiwan but most likely came from China in the early 20th century. These pests were transported to the States in the 1960’s is not a native to Texas. They cannot survive in colder climates but are a big problem in our area. I have recently treated a house in Brazoria county this week and wanted to share with you what I know about these incredibly destructive pests.

The Formosan termite is often nicknamed the “super termites” because of it’s destructive habits. These termites are bigger in size and form larger colonies than other termites. This allows these super termites to consume wood at a rapid rate.. A single colony may contain several million individuals (compared several hundred thousand termites) in other species. Moreover, a mature colony can forage up to 300 feet and can severely damage a structure in as little as three months.

How I treated this colony

This unsuspecting home in Brazoria called me when they became suspicious of termites while remodeling their kitchen. After inspection, we determined that this home had multiple construction joints and that a typical liquid barrier could not treat these fast acting pests properly. Knowing that Formosan termites can survive above ground without ever making ground contact  would prove difficult to treat with just a liquid application. We came up with a game plan that only the folks here at Bob Klepac Exterminating Service can provide. Our two prong approach was that we applied Sentricon to the parameter of the infected area as well as leaving Sentricon bait stations. We have plans to return in a month, but we are confident that this home will be completely super- termite free by June.

I wanted you all to be aware of these pests and to call me if you are suspicious of any termite activity. Call (979) 245-5700 to set up a time for me to come over and check things out.  Mention this article and get receive a free indoor and outdoor inspection for your entire home.

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