Winter Turf Weeds

winter weeds in turf
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 a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

In southeast Texas we have had one of the wildest winters in recent years. Having experienced 60″ of rain since September and off and on warm spells, your lawn has suffered.
The large amount of rain has caused pre-emergent herbicides to fail prematurely and the warm weather will allow summer weeds to start to germinate a month early.
Your turf may look something like this. It may be splotchy or completely covered in winter weeds.

Winter weeds in Bermuda grass

Bob Klepac’s turf solution

Is to remove the winter weeds that are present and get a new pre emergent barrier down. The new pre emergent barrier will help stop the summer weeds that going to start to germinate as the weather warms. We also provide the turf with a light feeding at this time to help it come out of dormancy.

There are many challenges facing our lawns this spring.  We have professional solutions to the majority of them.  Call us so we can help solve your winter weed problems and stop the summer weeds from popping up. 

Bob Klepac takes the less is more approach to a healthy lawn.  We only use professional products applied at the appropriate rate.

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