Your Bay City and Bellville, Texas Termite Specialists

Termites are the most destructive insects on earth. They cause billions of dollars in damages to homes and other structures each year. When you get a termite infestation, the wise thing to do is contact a company that 1. Is very experienced in termite control 2. Has an excellent track record of eliminating the problem 3. Understands building construction and termite behavior. WE, at Bob Klepac Exterminating Service have all three of these qualities.

Subterranean termite solutions have changed dramatically over the last twenty five plus years. We still have the traditional liquid termiticide treatments, but they don’t always work depending on different types of construction where some of the entry points might be unknown. We now are leaning heavy on termite colony elimination where instead of “blocking” them from entering the structure with chemicals, we use a baiting system called Sentricon. Sentricon kills the termites in the structure and the termite colonies in the soil to thwart the threat of future termite entry. We have used Sentricon to save many homes and even historic churches from termites.

After initial installation, you can have subterranean termite elimination-including the Formosan termites- for roughly twenty-five dollars a month on an averaged sized home. This is VERY reasonable for peace of mind and protecting your most expensive investment. Even if your home has been treated before with chemicals, the Sentricon Colony Elimination System is worth looking into. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate!  

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