FAQ’s about Pest Control

As pest management professionals we get asked a lot of questions here are the most common.

How long have you been doing this?

We have been in the pest control industry since 1979.  Bob Klepac Exterminating Service is licensed in numerous categories by the state of Texas.  We are licensed in Pest, Termite, Lawn and Ornamental as well as Weed.  Our trained staff can handle any pest problem in and around your home.  Robert Klepac Jr also has a degree in Entomology from Texas A&M and can often identify the not so common pests for you.

Do you require me to sign a contract for quarterly service?

No, we do not require you to sign a contract.  Never have and never will

Are your treatment’s safe?

Our first priority is you, your family’s safety and protecting your home is of our utmost importance.  We use products that are labeled for the treatment area and the specific target pest we are treating. We adhere strictly to all pesticide labeling and when used correctly there is nothing to worry about. Second, We would never use any product that we were not comfortable using in and around our own homes at yours

Do I need to leave while you are treating my home?

It is not necessary for you to leave while our technician is performing routine work in your home or office.  However, when treating for fleas inside your home our technician might suggest for you to leave or go outside for a small period of time.

It has been a week after the treatment and I am still seeing bugs. What do I do?

For certain infestations a week is not necessarily enough time for the treatment to be fully effective.  Pests such as German Cockroaches and fleas are difficult to control and sometimes require multiple visits.  We would advise any customer that is still having a problem, to call or email the office so we can address any issue quickly.

Who is coming to my home or office?

As a Quality Pro designated company of the National Pest Management Association, all of our employees are background checked, drug tested and hold a state-issued license to apply pesticides.

What if I just buy some chemicals at Walmart and do it myself?

Often times, homeowners will make a problem worse and end up spending more money trying to treat a problem them self than if they had called a professional in the first place.  Many customers often tell us how they wished they would have called us sooner.  Remember, you are getting 39 years of pest management experience when you call us.

How often do I need service?

For most of our residential customers, we recommend quarterly service.  This will give you the desired pest free results for our Texas climate.
For commercial restaurants, we recommend monthly service, simply because the amount of product moving in and our is significantly greater.

How are bugs getting into my home?

There are numerous possible areas of entry for pests and our technicians are trained in what to look for. An important part of what we do is identifying these areas and correcting them.  Giving you the results you want.

What kind of guarantee do you have?

We provide our quarterly customers with a 60-day warranty.  If you have any problems with quarterly visits we will gladly come back and correct them.

Why should I choose you as my termite control company?

The reason you should choose us as your termite control company is number one, experience.  We have solved some of the most difficult termite problems in southeast Texas. We have multiple options when it comes to treating for termites.  Our competitors want to put 100’s of gallons of chemical around your home and we have the Sentricon System.  The Sentricon System kills the entire termite colony without putting a bunch of chemical in the soil.

I think I have termites and my house has been treated previously, what should I do?

Contact our office and schedule an appointment  (979) 245-5700 for one of our technicians to come and look at the area of concern.  Many times ants can get confused for termites.
We never charge for a termite inspection, unless it is a real estate transaction.
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